Far Cry Anniversary

Games promised for the PlayStation franchise in the future would be called “New Games,” not “current games.” That is a big difference. With Xbox and Nintendo creating multiple platforms with new games, each released on multiple platforms. We have Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, and now the “Next-gen” consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Not all new games will make it over to the other platforms, but it is possible to cross-play between PC and Play Station.

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But what about the new games we already know about, such as Far Cry, Killzone, and God of War? I’m sure many people wonder if these developers are getting their ideas from the resident evil village. Will Far Cry take place in Africa, or is it set in Japan or Europe? Who knows, maybe it will change the whole concept once it’s on the other systems. The main storyline from Far Cry takes place in Africa, as the game opens with a news report about a serial killer. The story then goes to the next level showing the game taking place in a hotel.

Now the question becomes how the series can make its way over to Xbox and PlayStation. The answer is Sony is publishing the games while Microsoft is publishing the platforms. So it would appear that the resident evil village idea was the developer’s idea. The developer is going to release the game on both because it’s a multiple-platform title. The PlayStation 4 can only handle games developed for that system, and the Xbox can only handle games developed for it. So the main challenge is to create a game that will work on both.

If the rumors are true and Far Cry is developed for the Xbox platform, it would be good news for Sony to keep the gaming brand name fresh with publishers. It is believed that the rumor is just an April Fools’ joke, but there is no telling if this is the case or not. However, it looks very promising as hardcore gamers and Nintendo fans know the Far Cry brand well. It is also believed that Far Cry 5 will be coming to Wii later this year.

From the looks of Far Cry 5, the game is set to be very much like the Far Cry 3. The developer, however, has put in a lot of time and money into Far Cry 5. For one, Far Cry 3 was one of the most demanded games of its time, and Far Cry was arguably one of the best games to be released on the platform. This is good news for gamers who want to play top-quality video games on the current-gen platform. But will Horizon Forbidden West live up to the quality of Far Cry 3?

Horizon Forbidden West takes two people on a long journey in search of the legendary Cave of Wonders. The storyline is that the town of Mankind has discovered a buried city of gold, and the greed of its people has driven them towards the city’s core in an attempt to get to the gold faster. They do not know that the cave lies at the heart of the jungle and when they delve into the underground, a vicious tribe of cannibals awaits them. This deadly group of raiders and marauders has been waiting for the two humans to come before them, and once they do, they will be their next prey.

With all the hype of the trailers and the negative feedback from some Far Cry fans, it’s hard to tell if the new game will live up to previous Far Cry games. According to the Far Cry publisher, the developers at X-Games, the old Far Cry games makers, are improving the game and will be released in February 2021. The developers also hinted that the consoles’ platform is not decided yet, and we might see a combination of Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Kinect in the future. If these rumors are true, then fans can look forward to enjoying some little nightmares 2. They have also confirmed that the game will be available at retail and not as a downloadable game.

Hopefully, the news mentioned above will bring hope among Far Cry fans who were disappointed with the original game’s quality. For those looking forward to playing the new Far Cry, I suggest you wait for the fall season or maybe until the new game’s release on the other platforms. We are impatiently waiting for the platform holders to announce and reveal that the great games are coming our way! So, what are you waiting for?

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