New Games 2021

Games have a way of evolving, becoming more real and detailed as we move forward into the future. Each year, a new video game promises to deliver new features, new levels of realism, and the possibility of player interaction that make players feel a real connection to the characters and the game in ways they couldn’t do a decade ago. Take the upcoming release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, for example. One of the biggest selling factors for this latest entry into the future of video gaming will be players’ ability to enter the future.

That’s exactly what the game is setting out to do. The future isn’t about the future of technology per se, at least not in the way humans like to think of it. Instead, it’s more about how people interact with technology in the future. Video games will offer players the ability to feel how people will handle using their eyesight to manipulate one of the most fundamental tools of the future, their brain. Will it be more of a turn-taking experience or a mind-numbing experience?

In many ways, I might have already decided on the answer to the question above. Modern video games feature complex, highly realistic worlds in which players take on a virtually superhuman character. They have access to a wide variety of technology, including a detailed artificial brain that operates under their control. They can be almost as good at handling the world as humans can be. Unfortunately, the future isn’t quite so bright.

There’s a good chance that new games like Ghost Recon Advanced War Assault, which was recently announced, won’t offer players the same degree of freedom as their current computer games. That’s because new games will be more about human interaction than simply hitting a button. To successfully weave a narrative around a player’s experience with a new device, designers need to give players control over an element of their character’s life. In the future, that control may very well come in the form of an augmentable device, which tracks mental states and reactions and can, in some cases, feed data into an external memory bank.

This isn’t the only new development that could very well usher in a new human interaction era. It’s also possible that it will transform players themselves into devices. That’s a frightening thought, but it’s also true that many of the movements that were once reserved for machines are now being applied to humans. With the help of neuroscientists and tech geeks, players will soon use their brains to control prosthetic limbs. This is sure to meet with both resistance and enthusiasm, but the future may very well look very interesting indeed.

It’s also possible that we’ll have far more ways to communicate with one another in the future. Voice chat programs will allow players to converse with each other in real-time using only words. This will provide players with a new window into human relationships, allowing them to see what a romantic partner is thinking at a particular moment. It’ll also allow people to identify friends and enemies on Facebook better.

Finally, likely, we’ll soon have human-like artificial intelligence playing a major role in our future games. Suppose we can program software to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the internet. In that case, we have a good chance at creating brilliant machines, which can take on all of our traditional roles in society and our personal lives. This will give humanity a whole new series of opportunities, allowing us to explore wholly new worlds and discover the depths of what makes people human.

The future of online role-playing games looks very bright. We’ve already seen a lot of great games come out over the last few years, and the future looks even brighter. So what are you waiting for? Explore the world of human endeavor with new virtual reality games now!

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