Upcoming New Games: New Nintendo Switch

PlayStation 5 is the new generation of video game consoles. Except for Xbox and Nintendo Wii, it has been the bestselling console among the three. It boasts the most powerful processor in the industry, better graphics, and many other features. In short, it’s the video gaming machine of the future.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia has developed the next-generation version of its popular PlayStation game system. And according to the latest reports, it is the most talked-about gadget by gamers. There have been rumors about the presence of a new game’s title bearing the PlayStation VR title. However, Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia has yet to reveal anything concrete, except that it will launch a new PlayStation game title by the end of the year.

In the meantime, we already know the main protagonist of the story: Jack Lumbergh, a washed-out and desperate gamer who stumbles into an underground facility named The Pit. There, he meets a mysterious girl named Elena, who wants to use his brain for research. With the help of Sony’s PlayStation VR, Jack has to survive and complete several missions before rescuing. Sony Interactive Entertainment Australia producer David Loop has confirmed that there will be more than 20 new games to be launched during the PlayStation 5’s life cycle. This would mean that PlayStation VR will be getting more updates in the future.

According to the March 2021 schedule, there are several new games scheduled for release during the year. Among these is the RPG ‘The Cave: Prologue.’ This is being developed by Platinum Games and published by SEGA. A prequel to the well-received Bravely Default series, The Cave features a new story told through a prequel featuring the game’s main character. It was developed by Chunsoft and published by Sega.

Agents of War’s new game follows the story of a group of special forces agents who must save the world after encountering some troubles. The game will be released in April 2021 and will feature art from Kazuaki Kamui and Yuichiro Nagashima. On the other hand, another game in the pipeline for the march 2021 schedule is an unnamed RPG.

In addition to that, two unnamed RPG games were also confirmed. One is the Legend of Heroes: Tehran des. If you are looking for a role-playing game with a deep storyline, this is the one for you. The other is called Switch Sword. This is a rhythm-based, multiplayer rhythm game that Chunsoft developed.

There are still many unannounced new games that we could still expect from the s March 2021 schedule. I am just teasing you for now. I am planning to do a full review of these new games when I get more time. As for now, I am not reviewing any of the new games. I am only sampling the popular ones that will be released before the year ends. I am planning to wrap it up soon, though.

So far, the new games announced so far are The Cave (Chunsoft), Dragon’s Crown (Sega), Agents of War (PC Engine), Age of Empire (Sega), and Quest of the Gods (Xanadu). These are the big three contenders that we have heard about since March. I am expecting more to come out during the February 2021 schedule. Do you want to guess which one will be the next in line? Let me know in the comments section; I would love to hear your answer.

A little nightmares 2, developed by Nintendo, is coming out in March. If Super Mario 3d was any indication, this game is going to be ultra-fun. This will most likely be the first game to be released on the Nintendo Switch.

And then, on the second February twelve, we will see X-Men: The Xavier Files, from Dreamworks. It will be directed by none other than Bryan Singer. It will be interesting to see where Bryan Singer takes the story from here. We already know there will be prequels to the Xmen series, but how will this one stack up against the other two we already know? Only time will tell!

We can expect many more new and exciting games in the future for the Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned! For more information on all major developers and publishers, be sure to check out our news hub daily. There you will find all of the latest news on the future of the platform (s).

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